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Debt Recovery

Unpaid debts are not healthy for any business. They can arise as a result of financial restraints or even not wanting to pay.   If an individual or business owes you money and is not meeting their obligations to pay, let us handle the debt collection process.

Allowing debt recovery solicitors to act has proven to be the best means to recover unpaid debts from unwilling payers. You do not have to incur the time chasing a debt which will lead to unproductive hours and loss of revenue in your business. 

Recovering debts can be very difficult because most debtors try to avoid paying the money they owe.

At Taylor Bracewell, we will handle your debt recovery and also update you regularly on the latest developments. We can trace the debtor and take full action until the debt is completely paid.   We try and resolve the issue without going to court but we will if the situation occurs. We are available to work at any point in time of the debt recovery process and in any business sector. 

There are three main steps to recovering a debt which are:

  • Letter Before Action or Late Payment Demand
  • Proceeding to court 
  • Enforcing judgment

Our speciality includes but not limited to: 

  • Tracing your debtor
  • Credit/asset checking
  • Service of documents on the debtor
  • Book debts and volume ledger instructions
  • Obtaining Judgment
  • Obtaining payment

We can help you with any of the following:

Debt Recovery

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