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Commercial Property - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions our team are frequently asked...


How long does a business lease take to complete?

If there are no pre-conditions and it is a simple short lease it can take 3-4 weeks. However, it often takes longer, as matters aren’t usually so straightforward.


Do business leases have to be registered?

Business leases for more than seven years require registration. If the term is less than 7 years then registration isn’t usually needed.  


What is a break clause?

A break clause is a clause that is included in a lease to allow the tenant or the landlord (or both) to end the lease early. A break clause will usually only be given if specified conditions have been met such as, written notice being given or  rents being paid up to date.


Can I end my business lease early?

Leases tend to be for a fixed length of time, or a ‘term’, of between say 5 to 10 years. If the lease does not contain a break clause, which allows a tenant to end a lease early, there are other options – which may be available but which will normally require the landlord’s consent:

  • The sale or transfer the lease to another tenant – this  is often referred to as ‘assignment’
  • To surrender the lease back to the landlord.


What rights do I need the lease to include?

Your basic rights under the lease should include:

  • Access the premises
  • The benefit of any services such as lighting, heating and cleaning
  • Use of shared facilities such as toilets or specified parking spaces
  • The right to display signs such as your name plaque or trading sign.


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