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Secured Lending Transactions

There may be times when your business requires funding for various reasons.


Secured lending is often desired and we have helped many businesses in the past achieve funding for their needs. Our Commercial Property Team has the ability to carefully work with borrowers and lender in order to achieve the best outcome for your business.

Whilst it is not ideal to have to borrow money, in order to expand or upgrade, there might be a time when borrowing money is a must. We have found that when lenders are dealing with commercial property there are often strict requirements to be followed.

Obtaining finance in this complex property market is not an easy task. We currently act for, and work alongside, all the major property lenders and we can therefore simplify this procedure. We are familiar with the bank’s standard paperwork and can anticipate any concerns or likely specific instructions the lenders may have. We work alongside your financial advisors, your valuer and other professionals involved.

What is included in financing 

  • Legal Charges
  • Personal Guarantees and the requirement for independent legal advice
  • Debentures
  • Letters of non-crystallisation
  • Second Charges
  • Deeds of Priority
  • Third Party Charges and the requirement for independent legal advice
  • Charges over assets
  • Charges over money deposits

We can also help you with any of the following:

Secured Lending Transactions

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