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A day at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

21 January 2020

Lauren Smith

Here at Taylor Bracewell we like to push our boundaries and excel in everything that we do. This is no expectation for the Partners too!

As part of our Partners Annual Strategy Day, they also take part in a team-building activity. This year that saw them team up with the Yorkshire Wildlife Park & Team Building with BITE to create an amazing addition to the leopard’s enclosure.

As we all know, as Solicitors we spend the majority of our time in the offices ensuring that all legal matters are dealt with efficiently and quickly, therefore this was quite out of our Partners comfort zones… some more than others… Peter Caswell!

As part of the team-building exercise, they created a climbing table to go inside the leopard’s enclosure. This would be in place in prime position inside the leopard’s enclosure for the thousands of visitors to the Wildlife Park to see for many years to come… no pressure then!

One key thing the Partners all took away from the day was that when you all work as a team you can achieve anything. A task which looked daunting to begin with was completed within 1.5 Hours!

Lauren Smith, Partner and Joint Head of Wills, Probate and Trusts said:

“The experience was absolutely amazing and the most rewarding part of the day was getting to see the leopards go and explore our very own creation, and knowing that will be there to show our families every time we visit”.

Upon our return back to the offices in Sheffield and Doncaster the Partners were all very excited to show the photos of the creation they had made! Our Family Law Team, Business Law Team & Conveyancing teams were the most excited to see the photos.

Taylor Bracewell would like to give a massive thanks to Yorkshire Wildlife Park for letting our Partners build this climbing table for the most amazing creatures.

Another huge thank you goes to Team Building with BITE for keeping us safe and ensuring not only that we stayed safe, but also that our creation was safe for the leopard.

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