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Adele's New Album "30" is due to release - Here is everything you need to know before it releases!

10 November 2021
Adele the singer

What do we know about Adele’s marriage?


Adele married her long term partner in 2018. They have one child aged 9 and separated in April 2019. They agreed to share custody of their son and both confirmed that they were committed to raising their son together lovingly.

Adele has always been a very private person and little is known about the terms of their divorce. It appears that they attended mediation and much of the settlement was agreed in that way. Family mediation can be an amicable and cost effective way of reaching a settlement. It would then have to be embodied in a legal document within the divorce and approved by the court. In the UK, this is known as a consent order and can be submitted any time after the Decree Nisi has been pronounced.

Adele reports struggling over how society deals with divorce saying “There are rules that are made up in society of what happens and doesn’t happen in marriage, but I’m a very complex person” Adele says that she has no regrets and chose the perfect person to have a child with. When dealing with child arrangements in the UK, the welfare of the child is paramount and arrangements are determined by looking at the best interests of the child. It certainly seems that Adele and her former husband were keen to put their son’s needs first.

The Divorce was finalised in March 2021. Interestingly Adele did not have a prenuptial agreement to protect her considerable fortune. No doubt she would have been advised to do this and it would certainly have been sensible given her wealth. Fortunately, they were able to agree a fair division of the assets with the assistance of mediation. However, this is not always the case and it is a good idea to try and protect assets you have acquired outside of the marriage where possible.


What’s Adele’s new album “30” about?


Adele has recently been named the UK’s best-selling female album artist of the century. She is about to release her long awaited fourth album, “30”.The single “Easy on me” was written for her son and the album was written to help him through the process of divorce. She recalls the heart breaking moment when her son asked “don’t you love my dad anymore?” She hopes her new album will help him to understand what happened when he is older.

She explained how difficult it is to deal with children’s questions when faced with this situation “He has so many simple questions for me that I can’t answer, I don’t even know the answer. Like “why can’t we still live together?” She found it hard to explain that she still loved his dad but wasn’t in love with him anymore. These issues can be so difficult for children. Mediation can help with this process and support on how to approach the issues with your children.

Adele’s album “30” is due for release on the 19th November, it is set to be another huge success for the singer. It has been a meaningful album for her and likely helped her come to terms with the divorce process and the huge impact it can have. With tracks such as “Cry your heart out” and “Love is a Game” it is set to be another emotional rollercoaster of an album. It is comforting to know that divorce has an emotional impact on everyone, even the rich and famous and that you can overcome it.


How we can support those going through a divorce


Here at Taylor Bracewell, our family team have had years of experience helping couples go through successful civil divorces much like Adele recently has. We are here to advise and support you through a divorce and to give advice about asset protection when starting a relationship. Get in contact with our Family team if you need support or guidance when it comes to your divorce by calling them on 01302 341 414 or by filling out our enquiry form!