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Bears are Coming to Sheffield!

08 November 2019

Sheffield Children’s Hospital have revealed plans for a sculpture trail of life-size bears. It will consist of 60 large bears and up to 80 baby bears which will all be uniquely designed and sited all around the city from July 2020. The trail is inspired by The Children’s Hospital Charity’s very own mascot Theo Bear, who will also be represented by its own special sculpture.

The trail follows on from the previous trail ‘a Herd of Elephants’. This was extremely successful for the hospital and helped to raise more than £600,000. The aim is to raise more with the bears.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital are looking to raise £2.7 million for their cancer and leukaemia ward. The hospital is 1 in 20 centres in the UK who treat babies through to 19 year olds. They provide services to not just those in South Yorkshire, but Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and as far as Northampton.  

They are hoping the funds will provide private patients rooms with en-suite facilities, which includes space for parents to sleep comfortably beside them. The ward to have larger bed bays, an expansion in the play area, and more isolation rooms. They are also hoping to double the space in the ward classroom.

Taylor Bracewell are looking forward to seeing the bears across the city and wish the Children’s Hospital the best of luck in raising the funds needed for such a fantastic charity and worthwhile cause.