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Can you get fired for being too drunk at your work Christmas party?

06 December 2018
can you get fired for?

It’s the beginning of December and Taylor Bracewell are well and truly in the Christmas spirit!

You may be prepping for your own work Christmas party and it can be rather exciting to spend time with your colleagues out of the office, and when hearing the words ‘free bar’ the excitement rises.

A question which has arisen across social media this winter, which may not have crossed your mind is;

‘Can you get fired for being too drunk at your work Christmas party?’

It stands to reason that you are not in your day-to-day professional environment with your work colleagues. But could this give people the thought to have an excuse for bad, drunken behavior?

Taylor Bracewell’s Employment Law Lawyer Harriet Gardner, outlined that employers can look to take disciplinary action against employees who behave badly outside of work.

Christmas parties are likely to fall within the ‘course of employment’ so bad conduct could be treated as though it had been committed whilst at work.

Whilst being merry won’t usually result in disciplinary action, behavior which may damage the employer’s reputation, or leave others feeling uncomfortable could.

This is a reminder from Taylor Bracewell, to take advantage of the freebies, however not so much so that it leaves you with regret and also puts your job at stake.

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