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Claiming Legal Fees

13 December 2021

Sharon McKie

Person writing

Everyone is aware that lengthy Court proceedings can be extremely expensive and usually both parties pay their own costs unless one party has failed to cooperate. However, a recent case shows that the Court will consider making costs orders if appropriate.

In the recent case of LF v DF (2021 EWFCB50) the family Court allowed the wife to overturn a clean break lump sum settlement and ordered her husband to pay her legal costs. In this case, the wife ended up with a large amount of debt due to having to pay for legal representation.

It is therefore worth seeing whether you could also overturn an Order to apply for costs. It is usually in very exceptional circumstances that this will be done as costs orders can be applied for within the proceedings or at the end of the case.
If you require more information about claiming costs or appealing against a financial order, where the Judge has failed to make provision for debts as a result of legal costs then kindly contact our family legal team on 01302 341414.