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Cohabitation Agreements

04 December 2019

As reported in the Evening Standard, a woman who was unmarried and owned a property in her sole name has been ordered by a court to give 50% to her ex-partner, who had evidence that he had contributed thousands to the house. 

Kim Springall and Gary Paice had been together for 32 years and had 3 children.  Ms Springall stated that she bought the house herself to provide financial security as she was unmarried.

The Judge at a London County Court held that Gary Paice had proved that the parties had intended for him to have a beneficial share in the home. 

This matter could have been avoided had there have been a Cohabitation Agreement.  A Cohabitation Agreement provides evidence of intention.  If Ms Springall had been able to produce such an agreement that showed the intention was that the house was to be solely hers with Mr Paice having no beneficial interest, the outcome of this court case may have been considerably different. 


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