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Coronavirus and Redundancy - what do you need to know?

21 May 2020

Harriet Gardner

It is clear that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will not last forever (with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme due to end in October and a phased reduction planned from August) some employers may soon be, if not already, facing the very sad reality that they need to make some of their staff redundant. As the procedure can take several weeks, if not months, it is recommended that employers consider their options and take advice at the earliest opportunity.


If you are in such a difficult position and must make redundancies, our redundancy packages are available, at an affordable price, to help you to simplify the process.


Changing the terms of employment: £200 plus VAT

We will provide you with a template letter seeking your employee’s agreement to change their terms of employment for either reducing their salary and/or annual leave entitlement. The letter warns that if rejected by the employee, the alternative could be to consider starting the redundancy procedure. As part of this package, we will also provide you with a letter of advice to accompany the employee letter, including how to undertake the consultation where 20 or more employees are affected.


Standard Redundancy Package: £200 plus VAT

The Standard Package entitles you to receive the necessary template letters required for a simple redundancy procedure. These letters are accompanied by our letter of advice which sets out how and when to use each letter.


The Package is designed to assist those with some HR and employment law experience and have the confidence that their letters are compliant with the current legislation. 


Plus Redundancy Package: £350 plus VAT

The Plus Redundancy Package provides you with the Standard Redundancy Package documents (as above), along with an initial meeting where we will discuss your specific redundancy situation and advise you how to make the most of the documents. You will receive a letter following the meeting comprehensively confirming your instructions, providing the legal advice and guiding you on your future options tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.


Beyond the redundancy packages we are able to assist and advise on a time spent basis.


If you are considering offering a settlement agreement more information can be found by clicking here 

and for more information about redundancy, please click here


To speak to our experts for more information, or to purchase one of our packages call our team on 01302 341414.