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Employers and loneliness

01 June 2021
Employee sitting alone

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has produced guidance for employers on loneliness setting out how the ongoing pandemic has impacted employees’ social connections. It provides suggestions on how employers can help to tackle loneliness and provide employees with social wellbeing support. It is well established that a lack of support and social connections can contribute to a reduction in productivity and an increase in absenteeism.

The guidance identifies five key themes:

  1. Culture and infrastructure: work with employees to identify what matters to them.
  2. Management: work with managers to help them to identify employees who might be experiencing loneliness. Employers might explore the possibility of training.
  3. People and networks: explore the networks that can be utilised to tackle loneliness whilst working remotely. This might include considering employee assistance programmes.
  4. Work and workplace design: promote connections within the workplace, even if employees are dispersed.
  5. Wider role in the community: some employers may have the facilities to assist with tackling loneliness beyond its immediate workforce.

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