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Female Banker Wins Sexism Case for Unequal Pay and Victimisation

01 February 2022

Richard Lozano

Women standing up to sexism

Stacey Macken, a financial product manager for French bank BNP Paribas has won a case for direct sex discrimination, victimisation and unequal pay in the workplace. She was paid significantly less than her male colleague with the same job title. When she reported her concerns about this to her employer she was victimised. 


Before joining BNP Paribas, Stacey had 8 years of experience in a vice-president role at another bank. Despite this, BNP Paribas hired her as a junior and paid her £120,000 a year, her male colleague was paid £160,000. 


Not long after Macken joined the London branch she experienced sexist behaviour involving her boss, Matthew Pinnock. This included her finding a witch’s hat had been left on her desk one morning. The tribunal heard ‘Stacey was visibly upset and confided in me that she felt really uncomfortable working with those male colleagues.’


Another of Macken’s colleagues repeatedly replied to questions that she asked with ‘Not now, Stacey!’ It became that much of an often occurrence that other colleagues started to make sarcastic comments about it. 


Over a 5 year period, Macken’s male counterpart got £270,000 in bonuses whilst she was offered £33,000. After her first complaint in 2014, the tribunal found that her relationship with her bosses began to deteriorate. The tribunal found there was ‘a failure to get to grips with the real complaint during the grievance process in 2017.’ 


The judgement of the tribunal said evidence that was produced by BNP Paribas ‘wasn’t sufficient to persuade us the claimant’s gender played no part in the settling of her bonuses.’ The judgement also found that ‘Far too little regard was given to the fact that the claimant and comparator 1 had exactly the same job descriptions. The evidence given by Mr Pihan and Mr Pinnock was taken at face value without being challenged to any significant extent.’


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