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Increase in Millennials now Writing Wills

09 February 2022

Lauren Smith

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Compared to 18% of millennials in 2019, 27% of 18-34 year olds now have Wills. 30% of under 35 year olds blamed Covid-19 as an incentive for writing a Will and getting their affairs in order.


A study led by LegalZoom and showed that 18-24 years olds were now more proactive about writing their Will because of Covid-19 than middle-aged and ageing groups are. One lawyer said that they’ve seen an increase in young people making Wills and this especially peaked when the Delta variant of Covid-19 was prominent. She also said she expected there to be another peak now that the Omicron variant is becoming prominent.


In 2021, 23.9% of adults still don’t have a Will, this equals 2 in 3 adults. When asked the reasons for this the majority of answers was procrastination. However, answers also included not knowing how to set up a Will and feeling as though they don’t have enough assets to leave.


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