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Making a Will during the Coronavirus Pandemic

31 March 2020

Stephen Coates

In these worrying times, people are concerned about both the health and finances of themselves and their loved ones.

Many businesses have had to close or restrict their operations.

Here at Taylor Bracewell we have closed our offices to comply with the UK Government’s social distancing restrictions but are continuing to work. Much of the work we do is deemed essential and a number of our staff come under the definition of Key Workers.

One area of our work which is particularly important at this time is the preparation of Wills.

Making a Will traditionally involves visiting a solicitor to give your instructions and then returning to sign your Will when it has been prepared.

Clearly face to face appointments are impossible at present.

However, you can still make a Will.

We can take your instructions remotely by telephone or video messaging. We will prepare your Will and send a draft copy to you by e-mail to check.

When the draft Will is approved, the final version will be sent to you, either by e-mail to print yourself or by post.

Signing a Will

Your Will has to be signed by you and two independent witnesses in each other’s presence.

This presents a challenge when you are required to maintain social distancing.

However, you and your witnesses only need to see each other sign and you can easily do this while remaining 2 metres or more apart at all times.

For example, you can place the Will in the centre of a large room or even a garden and you and your witnesses can approach the Will in turn to sign it.

You may use gloves, should always use different pens and wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds afterwards.

Therefore, please don’t think that making a Will is impossible. In fact, this could be an excellent opportunity to make a Will if it is something that you have been too busy to get around to.

If we can help, please call us on (01302) 341414 or (0114) 272 1884.