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Morrisons plans to cut 3.000 management roles

25 February 2020
Employment Law | Redundancy

Morrisons plans to cut 3.000 management roles

Recently we’ve seen the big four supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda) all make changes as more shoppers are switching allegiance to more discount-driven stores such as Aldi and Lidl. The significant cuts aim to save money in staffing costs so that more discounts can be available in stores.

Tesco made 4,500 cuts this time last year, Asda has also consulted 2,800 staff members in regards to cutbacks. Recently Sainsbury’s announced their plans to shed hundreds of managers.

Retail Week reported that Morrisons is planning a huge restructuring which will axe 3,000 management roles but will create 7,000 hourly-paid jobs. They stated that any management staff who wish to remain within the organisation are welcome to stay and will acquire a new role.

The objective is to create more front line roles such as butchers, bakers and fishmongers etc. Roles such as wine and spirit managers will be merged with other roles. These will include both full-time and part-time posts, in which they currently earn £9 an hour. The new structure has proven to be appealing to colleagues with families as a result of its flexibility.

The cuts are set to begin in March and all effected stores will have a 45-day consultation period. David Lepley, Morrison's group retail director commented: “Whilst there will be a short period of uncertainty for some managers affected by the proposals, we will be supporting them through the process”.

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