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New no fault divorce introduced today

06 April 2022

Sharon McKie


The long-awaited change to the divorce procedure has been implemented today. It is the biggest change to the divorce procedure in 50 years. It is no longer necessary to give any reason for a divorce. Once a statement is made that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, there will be a waiting period of 26 weeks before being able to finalise the divorce.

Figures published by the Ministry of Justice show a 26% drop in divorce petitions from October to December in 2021. It is thought that applications under the new procedure could surge at least initially. A number of people could have been waiting for the new procedure before starting proceedings, seeing it as the more amicable way to proceed.

It is still important to obtain advice about divorce and associated financial matters. There are pitfalls to avoid when dealing with such matters in person and taking advice at an early stage is always beneficial.

If you require any further information as to divorce proceedings or any other Family matter, please do not hesitate to contact our family team on 01302 341414.