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Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Week

07 February 2022

Sharon McKie

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Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness week will take place between 7th to 12th February 2022. This is a yearly event where organisations around the UK arrange activities to help raise awareness and campaign against sexual violence.


This form of abuse can include rape, indecent exposure, sexual harassment, inappropriate looking or touching, sexual teasing, sexual photography or being subjected to pornography.


Sexual abuse is a serious crime that includes a number of coerced sexual acts where the person does not consent or feels pressured into consenting.


Sexual abuse week aims to offer victims the chance to seek help or merely discuss matters with someone else however this does not include face to face during the awareness week. However, you can send messages on social media and there is specialist support available. 

It is also encouraging people to come forward if they are concerned that someone they know is being sexually abused.


If you are a victim of sexual abuse/sexual violence or you are concerned about someone there is help available. You can discuss matters with the general public, a statutory body, a third sector organisation or even just speak with someone who has been through or going through the same as you.


Sexual abuse and violence is not ok and will not be tolerated in the UK. 

Members of the public are reminded during this awareness week that services are available to keep themselves and everybody else safe.


You can join conversations on social media using #itsnotok and then follow @itsnotok2022 You can also find support from Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) who are specially trained doctors, nurses and support workers for young people and adults. These centres are all around the UK. There is also a 24 hour National Domestic Abuse Freephone 0808 2000 247 where victims of Sexual Abuse can obtain help and support.


If you wish to discuss matters further or require further advice then please contact our Family Team on 01302 341414 for a confidential and informal chat.