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Some Do’s and Don’ts about contact visits with Children

06 June 2019

Sharon McKie

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  • DO be punctual. Lateness leads to conflict between parents and may spoil the visit for the child.
  • DO establish a pattern for contact visits as soon as possible.
  • DO, where time and space permits, spend time simply being with your children. As an absent parent, this will help your relationship with your children more than organised activities.
  • DO recognise that, as children get older, they have friendships, school activities, hobbies etc. and contact arrangements need to take these into account.
  • DO deal frankly, but sympathetically, with the issue of new partners – both with your former partner and with the children.
  • DON’T question the children about your ex-partners personal life.
  • DON’T use the children to get at your ex-partner (for instance by denying contact because of your own anger)
  • DON’T blame every physical ailment on the last contact visit.
  • DON’T encourage the children to take sides – it is you who are getting divorced, not the children.

If you can follow these guidelines then contact visits will be a positive and enriching experience for the children that will assist their development into adulthood and their sense of personal wellbeing.

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