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Some of the UK’s silliest street names

03 February 2020

When moving house we consider a lot of things, location, number of bedrooms, garden, garage, price… but do we ever consider the street name?

Would you be happy to buy a house on ‘Ingle Pringle’ – you may think we are taking the mickey but we aren’t. This is a real street in Leicestershire. 

Here are some of the silliest street names in England… how does your street compare?

  • Frying pan alley – in London
  • Christmas pie avenue – in Surrey
  • Knick Knack lane – in Devon
  • Crotch Crescent – in Oxfordshire
  • Dumb women’s lane – East Sussex
  • There and back again lane – in Bristol
  • No name street – in Kent
  • Lane road – in Essex
  • Ha-ha road – in London
  • Ghost house lane – in Nottingham

I am sure there are plenty of other silly street names however we had to narrow it down to just a handful, I’m sure with these names your imagination can run wild and decide what they mean for yourself.

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