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The UK’s biggest divorce centre hit by delays

07 March 2019

Sharon McKie

divorce centre

The country’s biggest regional divorce centre reached ground-breaking levels in 2018, meaning there were extravagant delays for divorces to go through.

Bury St Edmunds is the main centre for divorces from London and the south-east.

The average waiting times for each stage of the divorce process at Bury St Edmunds increased significantly last year, making lawyers’ long-held nightmares about the centre’s ability to cope, turn into a reality.

Figures provided by HM Courts & Tribunals Service revealed how it took 373 days on average from the issue of petition, to decree absolute in 2018.

This was a 9% increase from 2017.

The eight-day wait for issuing the petition has more than doubled in a year, while the average time from issuing of petition to decree nisi has increased 17% to an average of 195 days.

The struggles of Bury St Edmunds highlight concerns of many practitioners about relying on administrative centres that may be under-staffed and over-burdened.

Bradford Family court is in fact set to close in the near future, and petitions will have to be lodged in Stoke for the Doncaster and Sheffield area - this could lead to delays for South Yorkshire too.


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