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Top 10 Tips: Going to Family Court

11 June 2019

Sharon McKie

tips for family law
  1. Ask your lawyer any questions you have before you get to Court.
  2. Understand what will happen in the Court.
  3. Answer the Judge, not the lawyer.
  4. Arrange where and when to meet your solicitor.
  5. Put the date in a diary or put up a note to remind you.
  6. Re-read any statements or reports to re-fresh your memory before the hearing.
  7. If you are not in a local Court, plan everything for being away from home, including domestic arrangements and for the children.
  8. Think about your appearance in Court and plan what you are going to wear.
  9. Do not take things personally – always keep your cool.
  10. Tell the truth – you will have taken an oath promising to tell the truth and if you knowingly lie you will be committing a criminal offence.

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