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Who can you trust?

29 January 2020

Lauren Smith

There are so many people out there offering advice, how do you know where to turn and who you can trust?

One important factor to consider is what you want advice about and whether the person offering that advice is experienced enough, and qualified, to discuss that matter.

If you want advice about a medical problem, you would speak to a doctor. Advice about a problem with your car, you would speak to a mechanic. So, surely if you want advice about your legal problem you should turn to a legal professional.

This may sound obvious but the problem with this is that so many companies have ‘legal’ in their title it would suggest that they are qualified to advise you, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

There are in fact no restrictions on using the term ‘legal’ in a business name. The website domain ‘’ is currently available to anyone who wants to buy it.

So how do you know that you are turning to the right person?

Our number one tip is to make sure that you take advice from a firm of Solicitors. All Solicitors firms are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The SRA ensure that you are protected as an individual. They insist that a Solicitors firm has indemnity insurance in place, so should your advice turn out to be wrong you are protected against this and can make a claim for loss. There is also the ability to complain to the SRA or the Legal Ombudsman if your issue is not being dealt with correctly.

This may sound like a small thing but many companies out there do not have insurance or a regulatory body. This means that if things go wrong, they can close the business to avoid unhappy clients and claims, and reopen the following day under another name and you would have absolutely no course of redress against the bad advice received.

A non-regulated company can purposefully advise you incorrectly, they can charge you extortionate fees, they can ‘sell’ you unnecessary services and essentially act in any way they want to, as there is no one to oversee their actions.

Taylor Bracewell Solicitors have been established for over 100 years. We have offices in Doncaster and Sheffield and our experts can advise you on a variety of different legal issues.

As a regulated firm, we are here to ensure that what we advise you is 100% legally correct. We will always tell you all the options available, regardless whether it is in your favour or not. If the best thing for you to do is nothing, then that will be our advice.

If you want professional, friendly advice that you can have peace of mind knowing is the right thing for you then do not hesitate to contact us.

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