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Boundary and Neighbour Disputes


Boundary and neighbour disputes can often be a fiery affair and get out of hand quickly. Early intervention is crucial as you do not want something which could be quickly resolved to escalate and result in you not wanting to remain in your own home.

In order to address the issue promptly and cost-effectively we try and negotiate amicably with your neighbour.

 What types of boundary disputes are there?

  • Fence maintenance disputes
  • Repairs and responsibilities
  • Trespassing
  • House extensions
  • Rights of way
  • Overhanging foliage
  • Shared Driveways
  • Access to neighbouring land.

For each boundary and neighbour dispute claim, we strongly recommend the following to put you in the best possible position should the case needed to be settled in court.

  • Do not destroy any deeds
  • Photograph your property and boundary at the outset and again if the boundary ever alters - keep all photographs and ensure they are dated
  • Keep any correspondence
  • If you ever modify a boundary, consider whether your mortgage provider's consent is required
  • Obtain a surveyor’s report

How to determine the boundary?

The deeds to the property which you will have received when you bought the property, along with any Land Registry records, may give details of boundaries. We can also arrange for measurements and photos of what the boundaries of your property are.

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