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Consumer Credit Disputes


If you're in the middle of a dispute with a financial lender, you don't need to face it alone. Our knowledgeable consumer credit solicitors will be more than happy to help you resolve any existing consumer credit dispute.  They have the expertise to assist in these complex situations. 

What credit agreements are covered?

The Consumer Credit Act 1974 provides you with some protection when it comes to consumer credit agreements, and the type of credit agreements covered include:

- bank loans
- credit and store cards
- hire purchase agreements
- conditional sale agreements
- secured or unsecured loans

The consumer credit legislation is there to provide protection for consumers taking out credit agreements, hire agreements, loans and credit agreements for purchases, credit accounts, such  as store cards or credit cards. Individuals and partnerships of up to three people are covered by the Consumer Credit Act; however, limited companies are not protected. 

Consumer credit disputes

You can use the Consumer Credit Act legislation to make claims if the Act is not followed.  This includes situations where you have defaulted or fallen into arrears with payments. 

If you have loans or credit agreements in place, all details should be provided to you in writing, including the amount you need to pay back. If you are in a situation where these conditions are not detailed correctly in any credit agreement then it may be possible for our solicitors to take action in challenging their legality.

If you have defaulted on consumer credit agreements, or fallen into arrears with your repayments, your lenders must follow the correct procedures. Your home (if you own it) could be at risk if your creditors pursue legal action against you to claim back arrears owed. In some cases, though, it is possible to make claims for compensation under the Consumer Credit Act if your lenders have not followed the correct procedures or if you were not made fully aware of all the terms of credit agreements at the time of signing. 

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Our specialist consumer credit solicitors can help you deal with any consumer credit disputes and reach an agreement with your creditors at any stage of proceedings. Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your situation and find out how we can assist with your consumer credit problem.

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Consumer Credit Disputes

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