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Recovering a Personal Debt

Trying to recover personal debts such as the money you have loaned to a friend or family member can be a sensitive issue that needs to be dealt with care and understanding. A monetary disagreement can quickly erupt into something much more long-lasting which could ruin friendships and break up families. We have successfully managed to help many clients get the money they are owed back without causing any more friction between the parties and without going to court.

Unlike debt collectors, when you use a solicitor to recover your debts we are able to move the case to issue legal proceedings if the debtor does not pay. If the matter needs to be taken to Court we have the ability to act on your behalf.

Private debts which are most common:

  • Making a Personal loan to a member of your family or to a friend
  • Rent owed to you by a tenant once they have moved out 
  • If your wages have not been paid by your employer
  • Money loaned to a business
  • If you have paid a deposit that has not been returned 

Whenever you decide to loan money to someone is important to protect yourself at the outset. The person who is borrowing the money may be someone who you have known all your life and might be hurt if you suggest having something in writing, however, documenting a loan is a way to avoid a lot of disputes if it is not re-paid.

How to protect yourself from future disputes

  • Have a copy of all communication, text, emails etc. in which the debt is mentioned
  • Have an agreement in place which outlines when the money will be paid back and the details surrounding the loan
  • Consider what forms of security you could obtain if the loan is not re-paid.

Having a contract in place is a great help in these situations. However, we understand that when these types of agreements are made between friends and family, it is built on trust. We believe that going to Court should be a last resort, as it could cost you more than if an amicable agreement is reached, and hopefully before the friendship ends.

Our experts are happy to meet with you to discuss your case and the options available to you. Telephone our office today to arrange an appointment.

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