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Family Law - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a divorce take?

A divorce can take between 6-8 months if not disputed. If the divorce or finances are disputed, then this timescale can be longer depending on when such issues are resolved.

Will I have to pay a Court fee? 

You have to pay a fee to start most court cases but if you are on a low income you may qualify for “fee remission”. If you are applying for a non-molestation or occupation order there is no fee payable.

Do I have to go to mediation?

No. Mediation is voluntary. It is always advisable to consider attending as this can be an amicable and cost-effective way of resolving matters.

What happens if we cannot agree with whom the children should live?

The attention should always be on what is in the best interests for the children. If this cannot be agreed, the court can decide for you, but will encourage you to attend mediation first.

Do I have to attend mediation?

No you do not if you have agreed all family and divorce matters. If you wish to apply to Court relating to children or finances on a divorce matter, you will need to normally have attended a MIAM before making the application.

What am I entitled to?

This depends on your circumstances and whether you are married or living together. There are many factors to be considered and it is best to get advice from our Family Law Solicitor.

What is mediation?

Mediation helps couples going through divorce or separation. Appointments are attended together and Legal Aid can be available. If the issue can be sorted through mediation, it saves the cost of going through a Court to make the decisions for you.

Can Mediators provide legal advice?

Mediators cannot provide legal advice and it may still be advisable to take advice from a solicitor throughout the mediation process.


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Family Law FAQs

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