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Hospital negligence and treatment errors

There are three main ways a doctor might make a misdiagnosis:

  • by failing to diagnose a health problem entirely
  • by diagnosing the wrong condition (misdiagnosis) or
  • by making the correct diagnosis but delaying it due to other errors.

These can happen in any hospital department, including A&E, and can cause serious damage and injury.

Common mistakes include:

  • Not examining a patient properly or noting all their symptoms
  • Not taking a patient’s history into account
  • Not arranging necessary investigations, x-rays or tests
  • Not carrying out the right investigations, x-rays or tests
  • Not interpreting investigations properly
  • Not spotting illnesses such as meningitis
  • Making a late or delayed diagnosis of a serious medical condition, such as cancer
  • Failing to identify, diagnose and/or adequately treat a fracture
  • Dismissing repeat visits to your GP which should have suggested a more serious underlying condition
  • Not ensuring a patient is seen by a senior member of staff
  • Making administrative errors

Hospital Negligence & Treatment Errors - Even if a correct diagnosis has been made it is possible for mistakes to occur during treatment. Some common failures can include

  • Not giving the correct treatment
  • Not operating when necessary
  • Not noticing when patients get worse
  • Not appropriately monitoring a patient’s condition and taking relevant action
  • Poor hospital care leading to illness, bed/pressure sores, dehydration and malnutrition

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Hospital negligence and treatment errors

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