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Clare started working within the area of Probate in 1990, for Midland Bank in their Trust Company dept dealing with the full admin of estates. Clare worked there for 17 years and then wanted a change of direction to be more customer facing. She moved to work within HSBC premier team, as a relationship manager dealing with a portfolio of high net worth clients, managing their expectations and being their point of contact for all their banking needs. Clare then moved to work for a firm of Solicitors in 2014 and returned to her roots to deal with Probate matters again and to include Wills, LPAs, Court of Protection and Asset Protection


Area of law I specialise in...

Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection, Asset Protection and Probate

Number of years I have worked in this field...


The main reason I got into law... 

I feel that this area of Law is a very personal one and deals with sad and difficult aspects. You are often dealing with families at a time when they are going through a stressful time, when someone has passed away or they are dealing with a family member living with dementia. I feel it is a privilege to be able to help and support them at these times and be able to take away some of the pressure

The best part of working for Taylor Bracewell...

Work for all of us at times can be busy and to have support and help from colleagues whenever you need it is key and also to be on hand to  TB has a good team feel about it and everyone works towards a common goal

Outside of work I enjoy...

I am married and have a daughter at university, so I am adjusting to empty nest syndrome! I love little trips away and family get togethers, both of which usually involve lots of nice food and drinks!

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10/10 Mr & Mrs A opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
10/10 Mr F opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
9/10 Mrs E opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
We were very pleased with the service provided from the receptionists to the professionalism of the solicitor, Clare Wyett. Mr & Mrs F opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very helpful, pleasant and trustworthy. Mrs S opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
10/10 Miss Sherwin opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
The change to our wills and ownership of our property was done quickly and efficiently by the staff at Taylor Bracewell. I cannot speak more highly of their professionalism. Mr M opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very professional service listened to what we wanted and explained everything to us slowly so we understood. Would definitely recommend staff, very welcoming. Mr & Mrs Powell opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Your service was efficient, and the old Will was wrong and was pointed out the mistakes. Our meetings were light-hearted and everything was explained part by part. Thanks a lot for your service. Mr & Mrs V opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
The advice we were given was clear and concise which helped us to achieve our objective our wishes and instructions were carried out in a professional manner. Mr & Mrs D opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare Wyett was a dream to deal with, explaining the process of arranging our Will's. She listened to our needs and highlighted options available at each stage. I liked the transparency of the costing of drawing up the wills. I would highly recommend Clare for the service that she provided. Mr B & Miss N opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
10/10 Mr & Mrs F opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
From the warm and friendly greeting, we received from your receptionist to the very professional attitude of Clare Wyatt who explained every item in terms we could understand. Thank you for such a sincere approach to our last will and testament. Mr & Mrs Forster opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very good, and happy with the interview. Thanks Mr Hughes opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Good service, pleasant staff, fair price. Mr T opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare was recommended to us by a friend. We found her very personable & informative. Thank you Mr & Mrs Annes opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
From the very start after sitting down with Clare, Questions asked and answered fully All the correspondence to the finished has been excellent, and I could not ask for anything better! Mr B opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very friendly and helpful staff, good service Mr E opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I would like to put on record the excellent service and advice given to me by Clare Wyatt in processing my trust fund. Everything was explained in laymans language which helped a lot in understanding the procedures and wording of a complex situation. I have no hesitation in recommending Taylor Bracewell to anyone who needs a clear understanding of a complex situation. Mr and Mrs Simpson opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
All aspecs of the Will fully explained and was dealt with efficiently and promptly 10/10 Mr Laing opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare was very professional and understood my requests as well as advising on other issues Anon opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I would like to thank Taylor Bracewell for the professional way that they dealt with my late mothers probate application and as a family we are totally satisfied with the way everything went. We would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family to Taylor Bracewell. Mr Hughes opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
All members of staff whom we dealt with were courteous and knowledgeable. Anon opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
A very good and friendly Solicitors Anon opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very helpful at a difficult time. Simplified everything and were very efficient Mrs S opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare made the process of will making very easy. Everything was fully explained clearly and precisely. My questions were answered in a clear and fully understandable manner. A very professional and likeable person. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Taylor Bracewell for any legal services. Mr F opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
We were very happy indeed with the service provided by Taylor Bracewell and in particular Clare Wyett who provided us with all the information necessary to deal with our requirements. This was carried out in a very professional manner which made the process as easy to understand as possible with everything carried out in a timely manner. Mr and Mrs Waterhouse opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare was very efficient, professional and informative, explaining all aspects of our Wills, which made us both feel comfortable and at ease. A job well done, thank you Mr and Mrs Musson opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Professional, efficient and considerate Mrs C opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Excellent service, particularly during COVID19. My new Will was sent to me, having had a full explanation on how to do the witnessing with social distancing, Everything went very smoothly. Excellent service. 10/10 Ms S opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I'm very grateful for my Will you've done for me. I would like to say thank you for your service to me in this time of unrest. I'm sorry I've not been able to come to your offices because of quarantine. The lady I spoke to at the beginning was helpful, she explained things very good. I think you've managed my business as efficiently and quickly as you could in the circumstances of this virus. Mrs D opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I was very pleased and happy with the way that the request to have my Will updated was dealt with. Official but friendly, which is always most helpful and reassuring - thank you Mrs B opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very professional and friendly service considering the COVID19 situation Mr Ball opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Highly recommended. A professional, helpful service 10/10 Miss Neale opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
A professional and efficient service 10/10 Mrs Clarke opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
The process went very smoothly and with compassion, highly satisfied Mrs Hickman opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Due to Coronavirus my appointment was changed to a telephone appointment and I must say Clare Wyett put things over clearly and straight forward which made things much safer. Then my appointment at our office to sign the document was straight forward. 10/10 Mr B opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
My business was conducted with speed and efficiency throughout. All the staff I had contact with were polite and courteous. Mrs H opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
When my wife and I decided to update our Wills, we wanted to use a local Solicitor and found Taylor Bracewell in the 'Tickhill today' magazine. Clare Wyett responded. Because of the Covid pandemic we conducted our initial discussions by phone. Clare explained the various options and we decided to start again with new Wills. Throughout the process we received very good advice and Clare was very thorough and professional. We have no hesitation in recommending Taylor Bracewell. Mr and Mrs Lawrence opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Recently my wife and I decided it would be an apt time to get out Wills sorted. On the face of it. this was going to be challenging because of the current situation with Coronavirus. We are both in teh at-risk category and self isolating, so visiting Taylor Bracewells office in Doncaster was going to be out of the question. We needn't have worried, Clare talked us through everything on the phone. We can't thank Clare and everyone at Taylor Bracewell enough for their superb work, professionalism, kindness and understanding, especially during these trying times. Mr and Mrs Haines opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I have been a client with Taylor Bracewell for about 20 years. I have always found everyone at the practice to be very helpful and treated me with kindness, consideration and were highly professional. I have recommended them to both family and friends. Mrs Acton opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare was professional, courteous and helpful throughout our will making process. She provided the right level of advice and assistance at all times. The end to end process was as good as could be expected especially given the unusual lockdown conditions (COVID19). Thank you Clare we would not hesitate to recommend your professional services should the opportunity arise. Mr and Mrs Herring opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Excellent and friendly service during the time of the pandemic which relieved some of the stress of dealing with the aftermath of my mothers death Miss M opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very pleased, very professional. Would highly recommend, Many thanks to Clare Wyett Mr D opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Would definitely recommend to family, friends or colleagues 10/10 Mrs Clarke opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Although not local to you, we chose to use Tayor Bracewell as family members have done. Ms Wyett and colleagues were helpful throughout and we would certainly use your firm again. Mr and Mrs M opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Thank you for all the help you have given me over the last few weeks. I appreciate the thought and consideration you have shown and the advice you have given Ms G opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very helpful and understanding in these difficult times when we have not been able to meet face to face Mrs H opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Thank you for your help during our time with your firm everything went as you explained and yes we would recommend you to others Mr and Mrs B opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Throughout the preparation of our new Wills and LPAs, my wife and I were very satisfied with the help and advice provided by Clare Wyett Mr and Mrs H opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Thank you for helping during our time with your firm, everything went as you explained and yes we would recommend you to others. Mr & Mrs B opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very helpful and understanding in these difficult times when we have not been able to meet face to face. Mrs H opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Was dealt with efficiently - despite my signing the will in the wrong place! Mr John & Mrs Peel opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I found that Clare Wyatt was extremely pleasant and helpful. The previous times that I have had contact with Taylor Bracewell have been very satisfactory. Mr Connelly opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very professional, friendly service. Mr G & Miss D opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Excellent and friendly service during the time of the pandemic which relieved some of the stress of dealing with the aftermath of my mother’s death. Miss M opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Despite the difficult nature of doing business during Covid-19 restrictions, Claire was always very quick to respond. The process in making a Will was clearly laid out for me and any questions with quickly answered. Thank you Mr P opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very pleased, very professional but highly recommend. Many thanks to Claire Wyett. Mr D opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Claire was always very helpful and sympathetic to the thoughts and needs of myself and my family. Mrs D opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Although not local to you, we chose to use Taylor Bracewell as family members also have done. Claire Wyatt and her colleagues were helpful throughout, and we would certainly use the firm again. Mrs & Mrs M opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I found Clare to be very professional and friendly; in her dealings with me. Also, very nice to talk to. Mr McGarry opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Excellent service. Very helpful with advice. Conducted very well in spite of the covert regulations, first class. Mr T opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I’ve found Taylor Bracewell a very easy company to deal with. The staff all are very helpful in all departments. I would not hesitate to tell anyone they would be in safe hands with the company. Thank you for all you have done for me Mr W opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Friendly courteous people, easy to get on with. Dealt with our business efficiently at the same time make sure we understood fully what was being done really good. Mr & Mrs S opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very prompt service, reliable and informative. Excellent to deal with. Mr & Mrs S opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
The service we had was very good, things are explained very well and if we had any questions it would never be a problem and everyone was polite. Mr & Mrs K opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Thank you to Claire and her team for making the process of making a will so easy. Everything was explained clearly through the time it took for me to receive my “last will”. I now have peace of mind the Will is in safe hands. Mr Wilinson opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare was more than helpful. Also explained all in full and was brilliant answering all my questions – nothing was too much trouble. Mr & Mrs O opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
After a few initial difficulties as the probate lawyer handling our case was leaving Taylor Bracewell, Claire Wyatt who took over was exceptional. She kept me informed and resolved all issues with a minimum of fuss and although probate took a while to finalise, we came to a satisfactory conclusion. In summary action Claire was excellent!! Mr Gill opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I found the service from start to finish excellent. Highly recommended Mr Butler opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
To whom it concerns; I found that my dealing with Taylor Bracewell to be pleasant and comfortable at all times and was pleased with the results in the completed Last Will and Testament that was prepared for me and my wife. Mr & Mrs Dyson opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
We have been clients of Taylor Bracewell since 2012. We turned to them when the firm of solicitors, we had been with since 1962, was taken over by another company who consequently when out of business leaving my husbands affairs in a big mess. Taylor Bracewell took on the challenge of a probate done incorrectly and missing documents. We thank Kerry Maderson and her team for the efficient handling of the ground rents sale effected by the probate and missing documents. I thank Claire Wyett for her patience and efficiency with the handling of my complex Will. At, all times, we found all the staff of Taylor Bracewell to be kind, considerate and caring as well as being efficient and trustworthy. We strongly recommend Taylor Bracewell solicitors for all your legal needs. Mrs Wainwright opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Thank you to Clare Wyatt and her team and for all the kindness and help with Brenda, while in hospital and home. Also, thanks for all the support with the Will and all she dealt with. Yours sincerely Ray Smith Mrs Edgeley Dec'd opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Having all the upset this year has brought us, the challenges etc in 2020. Clare has looked after us well also her staff too, thank you. Brenda Edgeley Dec'd opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Taylor Bracewell has been my solicitor since 1963 when they Ward Bracewell. I haven’t had anything but the best of service from them in all those years. Mr T opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Excellent service Clare Wyatt was very understanding, returned phone calls promptly. Very knowledgeable and fully understood my position with the very ill health of one of the beneficiaries – my youngest son, who died a couple of days after the Will was signed. Mr Wheeler opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare was very helpful she explained everything and I recommended her to numerous people. Very pleasant and professional. Mr A & Mrs P opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Because of the pandemic, face-to-face meetings were not possible. However, the phone calls and emails will reply to you very punctually. Mr F opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Go to the family hasn’t had a lot of business to do with Taylor Bracewell, our solicitor has been kind and forthcoming with the information needed. We would return to them in the future if necessary. Mr Axe opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
To whom it may concern; Suffice it to say that we have known Clare for a number of years now and she did some work for us when she was at a previous practice. Although we live on the south coast, we tracked her down to Taylor Bracewell so we could use her services again to produce our new wills. Clare is the most amazing personal solicitor we have ever dealt with. She is efficient. knowledgeable and capable and we would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Mr B opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
From the first conversation with a member of Taylor Bracewell, I felt comfortable and able to talk about personal matters. Because of Covid, we are not able to meet face-to-face so it was nice to be sent a calling card with a photograph of the person you were dealing with. My whole matter was dealt with quickly easily and competently for which I was very grateful. I would be happy to recommend them to people in the future Miss B opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
We were more than happy with the service and guidance provided throughout. Mrs J opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
From start to finish Clare Wyett, Probate Lawyer was thorough, discrete, caring and fully informative. The whole experience was professional and everything was dealt with in a 'swift' manner. From phoning the receptionist initially, to our final 'signing of documents can only be described as 'perfect' Thank you for your professional services. Mr & Mrs R opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Good communication. Prompt service. 10/10 Robert & Linda Nuttall opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
In 2017 Taylor Bracewell took care of my parents lasting power of attorneys and then my father's probate. In 2018 they dealt with the sale of my parent's property In 2020 they dealt with my mum's probate, my lasting power of attorney and rewriting my will. All done with great professionalism and compassion. Excellent service on all occasions. Mrs Barbara Cronin opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
My experience is one of an excellent service always conducted in a courteous and friendly manner. My telephone calls were returned very promptly. The advice that I received was clear, straightforward and completely understandable. The questions which I raised were answered in clear and simple terms throughout the entire process. I was kept fully informed. Highly professional and thorough in how I would describe the services which is why I would recommend without hesitation opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Excellent service received from Clare especially during these difficult times. Will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Thank you once again. Mr & Mrs Hill opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I found Clare to be be kind and caring. She was helpful with everything after my husband died in September. I would have no hesitation in recommending her, Mr & Mrs Haynes opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
We received first class treatment & thank you for your kindness & help. Mr P & Mrs S opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare has done an excellent job considering the difficulties with the pandemic. Ms K opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
A friendly and professional service. Ms J opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
A through and knowledgably service provided in a friendly and reassuring manner. Mrs H opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I would with our doubt recommend Taylor Bracewell. Their professionalism is second to none and nothing seemed to much trouble. Mr William & Ms Raglan opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I was very leased about the excellent, friendly and prompt service. I have always felt that the staff is highly professional at Taylor Bracewell - from receptionists to solicitor. I have always consulted your firm and never had a reason to seek advice elsewhere. Thank you! C Patrizia & Ann Tramsen opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
10/10 Mrs M opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
10/10 Mr Bowes opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
10/10 Mr Bowes opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
10/10 Mr & Mrs Granter opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Bearing in mind the constraints of the past 15 months, we could not have been given a better service, which even included home visits. Thank you Mr & Mrs S opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I would generally expect that a probate lawyer would deal with an estate efficiently and effectively, and indeed she did. However on top of that, I was particularly reassured/impressed by: her thoroughness, her manner - always calm, helpful and on point, her making sure i and my brother were kept up to date. I never once felt hurried - but also never felt like anything was dragging on, nor being left in limbo. Mrs J Clarke opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
10/10 - Well received, good advise & an efficient transaction. Mr & Mrs Gill opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
9/10 Dr Shahwar opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
10/10 Mr Preston opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Great service at short notice. Many thanks! Mrs H opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I found in Taylor Bracewell my solicitor that I had a professional response with consideration and confidentiality that promoted my calling to say simply thank you. Mr White opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Thank you for your assistance on completing our wills. The whole process was handled very professionally and very swiftly. We will definitely recommend your services. Also if we have a requirement for a solicitor in the future we will use Taylor Bracewell. Mr and Mrs T opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
The writing of our Wills and Discretionary trust was of the utmost importance to use. We have been very privileged to have the professional, understanding and caring support of Clare Wyett. We recommend without reserve to our family and friends. Mr and Mrs Bainbridge opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
An excellent service was provided by Taylor Bracewell and in particular, Clare Wyett who kept us informed all through the process. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to friends and relatives. Mr & Mrs Lindsay opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I have used the services of Taylor Bracewell over the last few years. I have found them to be competitive on the process, efficient in service and very easy to deal with on a personal basis. Mr Hoult opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I would recommend this solicitors to anyone as I am a nervous person they put me at ease and explained everything plainly and was very efficient. Thank you so much. Mrs Abbott opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Professional, friendly service. Explanation of legal terms and communications outstanding. Prompt service - timely communications. We felt totally at ease during the whole process. Thank you. Mr and Mrs Coe opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare, thank you very much for the work you did on my behalf . I appreciate the efficiency on a job, well done. Mr Day opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare made me feel at ease, she explained everything. I wouldn't hesitate to contact Taylor Bracewell if I ever need legal help in the future. Thanking you. Mrs H opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare Wyett has handled our Wills in a very helpful and thorough way. She was a delight to talk to and very professional. I would recommend her to friends and family. Thank you. Mr and Mrs Mycroft opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Everything went well, very organised. Everyone I spoke with gave very good service. Can't fault anything. Mr Stacey opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I have found Clare Wyett to be very helpful and professional at all times. Clare and her team gave there very best always. My aunt also appreciated her kindness when she visited her at her care home to sort The Power of Attorney. Ms Clayton opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
We were very pleased with the service received. Everything was simple to understand and the staff were very pleasant and polite. Mr and Mrs Wraith opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I found Clare to be knowledgeable, professional and empathetic. She was thorough in her approach, friendly and explained all aspects in a very understandable manner. Mr Ashton opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Good service, no fuss. Concise and to the point. Does what it says on the tin! Mr P and Mrs M opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
The entire time it took us to complete was possibly a year but the entire time Clare was professional in everything she did so I thank you for all the help and thoughtfulness in a very difficult time we were having. Thanks again from all the people who will benefit from your help. Mr Hayes opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare Wyett guided myself and my husband through writing our Wills and giving advice on lasting power of attorney. We found her to be professional and patient in offering the best advice for our requirements. We would have no hesitation in recommending her to others. Mr & Mrs B opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
After trying several solicitors and taking time to explain the service required, Taylor Bracewell were the only company to call me back promptly and direct my call to Clare Wyett. I have had excellent service from Clare who immediately ascertained that my requirement was for a Deed of Trust. Although this has been quite a long process to bring my issue to a solution, as it has involved government departments, Clare has always answered my emails immediately and the matter has now been concluded. I felt supported in the process and thank you for the service received. Ms Lidster opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very helpful and responsive service, explained matters clearly and concisely. Mrs P opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
The service we received was all perfect. From the first contact in booking our appointment to providing and receiving information for our Will. Highly professional, courteous and friendly service. We would highly recommend, Thank you. Mr Sharp & Ms Bajin opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Thank you for all you did for me. I am glad it's over. If I need any more further help for anything I will get in touch with you. Much appreciated. Ms T opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
It was our first time dealing with a Will but Clare at Taylor Bracewell was friendly, professional and made the whole process very accessible for us. Thank you! Mr Allen & Miss Pearce opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare Wyett explained everything we needed to know about making our Power of Attorney. That is why we went ahead. She made us feel at home. Mr & Mrs Armstrong opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Everything was dealt with efficiently, professionally and courteously. Mr R opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
First class advice by a first class member of staff. First class explanation of all our queries. Clare never rushed her answers to our questions, we never felt a though we were just another customer. Mr K & Mrs W opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
The finalising of my late husband's estate has been quite a drawn out affair. During this time Clare Wyett has dealt with the problems involved and shown help and kindness to us for which we would like to express our grateful thanks to her. Mrs D & Mrs W opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Excellent service. All carried out via the telephone due to Covid precautions. Very efficient and speedy service. Mr J & Mrs Griffey opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Very professional and friendly. Explained every step so I could understand it, so thank you Clare. Mrs T opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Great service, friendly and efficient. I would recommend to all my friends. Mrs T opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I would recommend Taylor Bracewell to anyone because they let me know how things were going forward through the process of my late aunties estate. And I was able to get in touch with them at anytime for updates and where we are at that moment. Very good at what they did and do. Thanks for all you help and efforts. Mr Hayes opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
We have found Taylor Bracewell to be both professional and personal which is not an easy thing to achieve. We would like to mention Clare Wyett who listened to our needs and was there to give professional advice. Mr and Mrs Johnson opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I am very impressed with the professional service provided by my solicitor from Taylor Bracewell and will definitely be using them again soon. Mrs K opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I received a quick and thoroughly efficient service. Mr B opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
The updating of our Wills was a seamless process thanks to our telephone communications with Clare Wyett. She answered all of our questions thoroughly and explained everything at length. Excellent service. Mr and Mrs G opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Appreciated professionalism, courtesy and also very helpful advice. Mr T and Mrs B opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Taylor Bracewell to anyone. The service and attention that I received was clear and thorough, extremely efficient and very professional from start to finish. All of my questions were answered in concise and easily understood terms, which is exactly what I wanted. Mr Oldfield opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
We will be pleased to recommend your services. Our business was conducted in a very efficient way by a very professional member of your team. Thank you for all your help! Mr and Mrs B opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Clare was lovely to deal with and made writing our Wills easy and straightforward. We've already recommended her to our family and friends. Mr N and Mrs H opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Having had Taylor Bracewell handle various affairs for me over a period of 25 years, I have found their service exemplary. Always giving the best advice in an understanding manner. Mr Taylor opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
No trouble at all. solve a lot of my problems. Thank you! Mr M opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
We wanted to draw up new Wills for ourselves and include the power of attorney for my husband and my daughters to act on my behalf. The whole process was stress free and every step of the way was explained to us so we know what would be happening in due course. Mr and Mrs H opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
Good, professional and friendly service. Ms C opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I would recommend Taylor Bracewell. I used them for my Will and my husband's Will and I found them to provide efficient and friendly service. Clare was very helpful and listened and understood our requests, providing us with just what we needed. Mr and Mrs A opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
I will definitely recommend yourselves Mr Selley opening-speachmarks closing-speachmarks
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