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Landlord and Tenants Disputes

When a landlord and tenant dispute arises it is frequently because the communication between the parties involved has broken down. The law has seen significant changes in recent years with tenants having more rights and landlords having more obligations to their tenants.

Our first approach, whether we are dealing with a landlord or tenant, is to assess the situation and lay out your options out for you.

Landlords Duties

Recent legislation has put in place more protection for tenants. As well as having a tenant's deposit scheme in place, landlords must also have:

  • Consent from the mortgage lender to rent the property out (if there is a mortgage on your property)
  • The correct insurance for a tenant-occupied property
  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • EPC
  • Give the tenant a ‘How to rent booklet’
  • A licence if an area of compulsory licensing

It is important for the landlord to be aware of any changes in the law as failing to comply could lead to the landlord having to pay damages to the tenant or even face criminal sanctions.

We encourage all current and potential landlords to speak to us before granting a tenancy agreement or allowing a tenant to occupy your property.

A landlord should also seek advice before making any changes to the tenancy agreement terms or seeking possession of the property. The best way a landlord can avoid any dispute is by having all the correct procedures in place that the outset, so that if a tenant does bring a claim the landlord will know he is already compliant. 

Types of Landlord and Tenant Disputes

We have acted on both sides in many landlord and tenant dispute cases and have experience in dealing with:

  • new tenancies
  • Tenancy renewals
  • Possession notices.

Our Landlord and Tenant dispute team work have experience working on both sides of many issues. When dealing with property disputes matter our disputes team work closely with our Property law team.

It is our policy to always make sure that you are aware of the options, process and likely outcomes in your specific case. We can appreciate the sensitivity and often urgent need to get matters resolved quickly.

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We can also help you with any of the following:

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I have a Landlord and Tenant Dispute

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