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3 Ways To Reduce Employee Turnover

09 March 2021
Staff Conducting Meeting

Employees resign for a number of reasons; this can be working conditions, perhaps they are unhappy with their current salary, they may want a change in career or it may be because of a colleague. In recent times, resignations are predicted to be on the rise – which could be as a result of the way which an employer has handled the coronavirus pandemic.  A current theory is that we are in the “calm before the storm” with many employees expected to be considering their options now, with the view of resigning when the lockdown is over.

So how can employers minimise this and retain staff?


Tip One - Communication

More often than not poor communication is the biggest contributing factor to a relationship breakdown. Effectively communicating with employees is the winning tip for employers. This might include involving employees in the decision-making process, detailing how the employee is performing as well as how changes might impact the employee and business. Having difficult conversations with employees can be challenging, particularly in times of uncertainty, but having a transparent and honest discussion with employees can build trust and relieve tensions.


Tip Two – Policies and Procedures

Having clear policies outlining the dos and don’ts can be helpful in managing an employee’s expectations. It is not enough to simply have the policies in place, the employer must ensure that the policies have been communicated to those it applies to, and to have evidence that the employee has read and understood what is expected of them.


Tip Three – Listen to your employees and be prepared to adapt

Employers should give genuine consideration to any concerns staff may have. Concerns can present themselves in many ways, a grievance, a flexible working request or during an informal discussion. By taking into account individual needs, employees may feel that they are less aggrieved by the circumstances. This also helps employers to avoid placing someone with a protected characteristic at a disadvantage – this would be discrimination.


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