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4 Tips for Employers for Reducing the Employees Stress in the Workplace

30 March 2022

Richard Lozano

Women stressed at work

It’s important to keep the stress in the workplace to a minimum as this allows for increased motivation and morale and so increased productivity. Here are 4 tips that employers should keep in mind.

1. Communicate with Employees 

Keeping employees up to date with any developments or changes is vital as this makes them feel like they are being kept informed. The more employers communicate with them the more likely they are to communicate back and share their concerns and ideas. This allows for stronger relationships to be built between employer and employees and between different employees.

2. Workplace Wellness Scheme 

It’s no secret that exercise and having a healthy lifestyle help to increase mood and decrease the feeling of stress. For example, some businesses offer things such as discounts at local gyms or organise lunchtime running clubs. This also creates a social activity that allows employees to get along better and therefore create a better atmosphere.

3. Lead by Example 

Employers shouldn’t let their stress and negativity rub off on their employees. As an employer, you should give yourself time to de-stress by taking regular breaks and booking holidays as this shows employees that it is ok to take time out from work. In the long run, this creates a happy and more productive workforce. 

4. Allow for Flexible Hours and Remote Working

In the past couple of years’ flexible hours and remote working have become increasingly popular due to the pandemic. However, even now as restrictions come to an end many employers are still offering flexible and remote working. Freedom is great for morale and has been proved to increase the work-life balance which leads to increased motivation and productivity and a decrease in staff turnover.


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