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Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

03 May 2022

Richard Lozano

Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict happens every day, and this is completely normal. Still sometimes intervention is required to reduce and resolve disputes to maintain and create a positive work environment and improve mental health in the workplace.

The workplace environment should include encouragement and a healthy amount of competition between employees to reach targets and goals; however, there also needs to be a conflict management strategy to offer resolution avoiding personality clashes and bullying between employees. 


Define Acceptable Behaviour 

All employees must be aware of their role within the workplace and have clearly defined job titles. This means that the employees know what is expected of them. There must be an articulated chain of command so that every employee knows who they need to report to should there be an issue. This will enable for effective communication and allows messages to be reported to the relevant people. A delegation of authority statement may be needed in certain work areas. This gives one employee the power to decide on certain things. This will decrease the risk of conflict as it is in writing that the designated employee makes the final decision.


Formal Complaints 

A company should make it easy for employees to make a formal complaint. There should be a process that employees know and should follow. It needs to be made simple, such as filling out a complaint form and submitting it to the HR manager, who will then decide if the complaint needs to be taken further. This can prevent resentment from happening and conflict from getting out of hand. 


Please Don't Ignore It

If conflict is left unaddressed, it often leads to it intensifying. Conflict needs to be addressed and faced head-on to avoid it getting worse. This can be done by communicating with whoever the conflict involves and managers and trying to sort out a resolution for the tension. 

Creating a healthy working environment can be beneficial to both the business and the employees; focusing on company culture, and the office environment and checking in on those that work from home can all help to prevent or reduce conflict.


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