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Domestic Abuse Awareness Month

06 October 2021

Sharon McKie

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone. Sometimes people don’t recognise that they are a victim of abuse. It’s difficult to know whether to say something if you believe someone is suffering from domestic abuse. Often, people in this situation need someone to help them and having a conversation with them could be the starting point.

It’s not always easy to know what domestic abuse means. It refers to a wide range of abusive behaviour by anyone over the age of 16 and can affect any gender. Domestic abuse can be:

  • Sexual
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Financial


Children can also be impacted by witnessing what they see and hear.

You can get more information by visiting or calling the Domestic Abuse Hub on 01302 737080.

If you require help and advice in relation to any issues arising out of a separation, please contact one of our lawyers in the Family Team at Taylor Bracewell on 01302 965813.