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Family Mediation Week- Mediation questions

21 January 2022

Sharon McKie


Who can use mediation?

Mediation is available to married, unmarried and same sex couples both before and after separation. Mediation is a voluntary process.


What happens in mediation?

Mediation takes place in private and in informal sessions. You will have separate initial meetings. This is an opportunity to learn about the mediation process, to assess whether it is an appropriate way forward and to consider how the costs will be funded.


How long will mediation take?

A joint meeting will be arranged after the initial meetings. This could be face to face or by video meeting. Sessions can last 1 to 1 ½ hours and there could be 2 to 4 meetings. The time will depend on how complex the issues are and how quickly both parties provide any documents required.


Is mediation confidential?

What is said in mediation is confidential. However, if it seems that someone has been seriously hurt or is at risk, the Mediator is likely to ensure that the Police or Social services are informed.


How much does mediation cost?

Different mediators charge different rates, usually by the hour but it could be on a fixed fee basis. Legal aid can be available or a voucher scheme.


Do I still need a Solicitor?

Yes. It is important that each party does have independent legal advice throughout the process. The mediator cannot give legal advice to the parties.


What happens at the end?

The mediator will provide a written summary of the decisions made. It is important that a Solicitor is instructed to prepare the legally binding order.


For further information about mediation or any Family issues call the Family team on 01302 341414.