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Good Divorce Week: What young people think

30 November 2021

Sharon McKie

Upset Children

29th November 2021 till the 5th December 2021 marks "Good Divorce Week" which is aimed at kickstarting a national conversation about how parents can embrace a child-focused approach to separation. Good Divorce Week is a national campaign run by the Family Law organisation, Resolution to raise awareness of key areas when it comes to resolving family matters.

As Resolution members, we are committed to reducing conflict in divorce and agreeing to a non-confrontational way of working that puts the best interest of children first.

Divorce can have a massive impact on young people as the following survey shows:

What Young People Think (14-22 years old)


  • Of those who have experienced divorce, 82% would prefer parents to separate if they are unhappy.
  • More than 60% felt their parents had not ensured they were part of the decision making process.
  • 88% agreed it was important to ensure that children did not feel they had to choose between parents.
  • Resolution research suggests that many parents handle their separation well: 50% of young people agreed that their parents put their needs first.

How does divorce and separation affect young people?


  • 19% said they didn’t get the exam results they hoped for.
  • 14% of young people’s surveyed said they started drinking alcohol whilst almost 28% said they started eating more or less than they previously did.
  • 13% admitted to experimenting or thinking about experimenting with drugs.
  • More than 1 in 4 said their parents tried to involve them in their disputes.
  • Almost 19% said they completely lost contact with one or more grandparents.


Here is a video explaining what Good Divorce Week is about:


Here at Taylor Bracewell, we provide our full support for Good Divorce Week as raising awareness of these subjects are necessary and vital for children's futures. If you require any further information or would like to receive some advice in relation to a divorce, our family team can be reached by calling 01302 341 414 or by emailing Sharon Mckie, Head of Family Law at