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How can I protect my assets against future unseen events?

02 August 2022

Lauren Smith

Joint Head of Wills, Probate & Trusts, Lauren Smith answers 'how can I protect my assets against future unseen events?'

It's really difficult to make a Will to protect against everything. Nobody has a crystal ball and nobody knows how long their Will need to be in place for.

The most important thing people can do is review a Will time after time to make sure it still meets their requirements.

At Taylor Bracewell we tell our clients to look at their Wills every couple of years. We don't mean they have to rewrite the Will or even necessarily see us. We mean they literally need to take their copy out of the cupboard and check it's still what they want it to be.

There are things that you can do in a Will to protect your assets against certain events such as a beneficiary dying before you, becoming bankrupt or getting divorced.

You can also protect your assets in case you go into care and make sure that you've got something to leave to your chosen loved ones. But it's all very complex depending on what your individual circumstances are so we'd always recommend taking professional advice so that you can be advised about your own circumstances. 

Here is a video recorded by our Joint Head of Wills, Probate & Trusts, Lauren Smith:

Our Wills, Probate & Trusts team are experts in the field. If you have any questions or queries with anything regarding a Will, then our team can be reached by calling 01302 341 414 or by filling out our online enquiry form!

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