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National Road Victim Month

30 July 2021

Robert Clarke

Car Crash

Did you know that August is National Road Victim Month? This awareness month is organised by RoadPeace Charity. National Road Victim Month marks a month of remembrance for victims who sadly have been involved in road accidents.

It is also an opportunity of raising awareness about the importance of road safety.

National Road Victim Month – Why is it so important?


National Road Victim Month is vital as its designed to remember those who have been killed or affected as a result of an accident such as a car crash.

Unfortunately, 5 people are killed and 60 people are seriously injured on Britain’s roads every day. The figures just outline the importance of making our roads safer and the reason for remembrance of those who are affected as a result of a road accident.

Why is August the designated Month?


The charity Roadpeace work all year round to ensure the roads are safer. 

They designated August as the month of remembrance for their campaigns to commemorate the lives of Bridget Driscoll, who was the first person to be killed by a motor vehicle in August 1896 and Princess Diana, who lost her life in a tragic road traffic collision in August 1997.

Half a million people have been killed on Britain’s roads since Bridget’s death. In addition to this, according to the department of transport, August is one of the most dangerous months on the roads. This is due to the increased volume of traffic on our roads. 

In August families are taking advantage of the warmer weather and there are often more cyclists and motorcyclists taking to the roads and this leads to the traffic on the roads being heavier which results in more accidents.

Why do we support National Road Victim Month at Taylor Bracewell?


Here at Taylor Bracewell we support campaigns like Nation Road Victim Month, as it shows the importance of making awareness surrounding sensitive subjects such as road accidents. It is so important that awareness of road safety is kept at the forefront of the drivers’ minds, not only this month but every month.

Our solicitors are not only passionate about their jobs, they are committed to ensuring that our client’s get the best possible outcome for them in any case. We frequently speak with innocent members of the public who have had their lives dramatically changed owing to an accident that was not their fault. Often, this is due to another driver’s fault. 

At no fault of their own, their life and that of their family and loved ones, as they knew it has been dramatically changed. As their Solicitors, It’s our job to do what we can to get them in the position they were before the accident and secure the maximum amount of compensation available.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors have many years of experience representing victims of car crashes, cycling accidents and motorcycle accidents. As a result of their years of expertise they will be publishing blogs throughout the month of August discussing different subjects linking to National Road Victim Month.

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