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Pre-nup for pets

17 April 2019

Sharon McKie


The Blue Cross pet charity encourages pet owners to think about their pets and to make arrangements for their welfare in the event of a separation.

The thinking behind a specific agreement as to pets is to avoid the heartache of losing a pet, should a relationship come to an end, by considering in advance what the best arrangements might be.

The charity’s research shows that four pets each week are taken in by Blue Cross following relationship breakdowns. Dogs and cats are the most fought over animals. Their statistics show that 56% of women are likely to keep the pet, with 29% being kept by men and others being given to family, friends or a charity organisation. The charity offers a bereavement support service to help those who struggle dealing with a separation from the family pet.

It is important to consider making provision in advance and a free deed of agreement or “pet nup” is available on the Blue Cross website. Provision could also be made in a pre-nuptial agreement which is designed to protect other assets. Sharon McKie, Head of the Family Department at Taylor Bracewell says “The idea of a pet nup is fantastic. Pets are valued members of the family and it is such a good idea to consider their welfare in advance and to make an arrangement whereby any disruption to the owners, children and pet is kept to a minimum”

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact Taylor Bracewell’s family team; Sharon McKie Head of Family on 01302 341414 or you can email Sharon at