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Top 5 Tips: Separation and your Children

27 January 2021

Sharon McKie

Absent Parent

Top 5 Tips: Separation and your Children

  1. The children deserve to receive information and an explanation as to why one of you is leaving the family home. It is important to provide them with such information at the time of separation, in a way they can understand.  
  2. You should give the children an opportunity to express their feelings. They may need some encouragement to talk about what the separation means to them and how they are feeling about it.
  3. The children should have a chance to see the absent parent and the children need to be made aware that they have 2 parents, albeit separated. It is possible for contact to continue during the pandemic but seek advice if you have any concerns.
  4. The parents should respect each other as children love both their parents and although, difficult at times, you should not be tempted to push the children into taking sides.
  5. You should provide continuity as much as possible to provide the children with a routine which they are comfortable with and makes them feel secure. This is particularly important at the present time, when children are experiencing changing routines at school and in their daily lives and activities.


If you would like more information then please do not hesitate to contact our Family Team who will arrange an appointment to discuss matters further on either 01302 341414 for our Doncaster office or 0114 2721884 for our Sheffield office.