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What can I do about a problematic tenant?

02 August 2022

Emma Cornell

Dispute Resolution Solicitor, Emma Cornell answers 'what can I do about a problematic tenant?'

It really does depend on what the problem is with the tenant. Firstly, check the tenancy agreement and see if the tenant has complied with the terms of the tenancy agreement.

The best advice is always to speak to the tenant to see if you can try and resolve those issues with them. Ultimately if you cannot and you believe that they are in breach, it may mean that you have to apply for possession of the property.

If they are carrying out any illegal acts, then it would be contacting the police or going to the council who could offer some assistance but if the tenants are causing so many problems then it will be serving a notice for possession. That means following the full statutory procedure of serving a notice on a tenant, ultimately going to court if they do not leave and then finally instructing a bailiff.

Here is a video recorded by our Dispute Resolution Solicitor, Emma Cornell:

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