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The importance of a healthy childhood following a separation or divorce

05 July 2022

Sharon McKie

Healthy childhood

A healthy childhood means a child grows up in an environment where their social, emotional and educational needs are met. This means they are in a safe and loving home and have access to proper nutrition, exercise and sleep.

A healthy childhood is essential as studies show that it positively impacts long-term physical and mental health. It allows for improved future opportunities, including emotional well-being, educational achievement and economic status. 

Following a divorce, any children involved must have a healthy childhood. The child must be put first; this includes putting their needs and feelings above the adults during the separation. Both parents should ensure that a healthy relationship is kept with the child and the child has easy contact with both parents. Parents should avoid conflict in front of the child as this can cause upset and anxiety. The parents should constantly reassure the child and let them know they are not responsible for the divorce. This will demonstrate that the parents have considered the welfare of the children as paramount and have their best interests at heart. 

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